Four Occasions That Call For Crumb Cake

One of the most under-appreciated desserts is the crumb cake. It goes by many different names: crumbs cake, crumb cake, cinnamon streusel, Streuselkuchen (German), coffee cake, cinnamon crumble cake, and many others. It is traditionally made as a cake with a layer of cinnamon streusel in the middle and a layer of cinnamon sugar crumbles on top. These days, it comes in many different flavors including apple crumb cake delivered, gooseberry, and rhubarb. The best crumbs cake is still the traditional cinnamon sugar version, but all versions have a little something special about them. As I mentioned, the crumb cake is an under-appreciated dessert, but there are many occasions that are perfect for bringing out a moist and delicious crumb cake.

1. Crumb Cake Is Perfect For Early Morning Coffee With Guests

Imagine you have guests coming over for a wine night, a small get together, or a movie night. You invite them to stay over so that they do not have to drive back home when they are tired. Make the next morning extra special with some crumb cake paired with delicious coffee on your back porch. Whether you call it crumbs cake or coffee cake, there is no denying that this dessert goes great with early morning coffee!

2. Crumb Cake Is A Great Dish For Potlucks

Getting something together for your annual neighborhood potluck can be tricky. Tommy down the street is allergic to peanuts, Brenda is allergic to pineapple, and Georgiana does not like peas. While it is impossible to please everyone, crumb cake is a great option that the majority of the people in your neighborhood will love. Whether you decide to make the box version on your own or purchase a professionally made Streuselkuchen, your dish is sure to be a hit at the potluck!

3. Add Crumb Cake To Your Child’s Lunch For An Exciting Dessert

I do not know about you, but as a child, I absolutely loved the cinnamon streusel cake that my mother and I made together. Sure, it was out of a box, but the cinnamon sugar in the morning really got me excited to start the day. Make your own little crumbs cake tradition with your kids by adding this delicious dessert to their school lunch. Other kids will open their lunches to find a candy bar or a store bought a cookie, and your child will feel special knowing that you made that crumb cake just for him.

4. Drizzle On Some Icing To Make Crumb Cake A Weeknight Favorite

One of the things that children do not like about crumb cake is that it does not have any frosting. Well, make your crumb cake worthy of a weeknight dessert by adding some icing on top. Some of the boxed crumb cakes come with icing packets. Make the moment special by making the drizzling of the icing that special thing that your daughter or son gets to do, and they will be sure to hold a special place in their heart for crumb cake for the rest of their lives.