Reducing Costs With Infield Conditioners

As a field manager for the big baseball fields in the United States, this is your busy season. Hopefully you already have a brand of an infield conditioner that works right for you, but it may not be the best one for your field and therefore the team. Most field managers go with the lowest cost option that will get the job done because it is difficult to stay within the budget that you are given. If you are going with this idea, however, then you need to re-evaluate your strategy because you may actually be spending more money to get the right results. You may notice that a Turface provides some infield conditioners that are not necessarily the cheapest option. You probably dream of using the great product and envy the field managers who have the budget for such a great infield conditioner.

Well, the truth is that not only can you can afford to use it in any budget. You actually cannot afford to not use Turface infield conditioners.

Turface 1

Although Turface products may be a little pricier than a generic brand, they get the job done more efficiently. This means that if you buy the generic brand for half the price, you are actually spending more money overall. This is why Turface is the most popular brand of infield conditioners on the market. Whether you need to decrease or manage the moisture in your field, improve how your field is draining, or make sure the field is the perfect playing surface for the big game, Turface is the way to go.

There are three main Turface infield conditioners to choose from. Read about them and their details below:

Turface MVP

Turface MVP is the most popular of the Turface products used for infield maintenance and construction. This product has been used on more diamonds than any other infield conditioner on the market. The large particles stand up to compaction and are the best option for maintaining moisture levels.

Turface Pro League

If you want a field that is fit for the pros, then this is the infield conditioner for you because it is the option chosen by most MLB field managers. The particles in this infield conditioner are smaller and more uniform. Additionally, you can choose from different color options including natural green, red, and brown.

Turface Quick Dry

If you live in a particularly rainy area of the country, then you will definitely need to have Turface Quick Dry on hand at all times. The fine particles in this product make it the best option for puddle elimination and moisture control. For the best results, you should use the quick dry product in addition to one of the infield conditioners. Together, these great products can save the game from a rainout.